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Adding Google Analytics to a site (using GTM)


Adding Google Analytics to a site (using GTM)

Google Analytics is the most popular tool to measure website data to gather visitor insights. With it, you will be able to know the amount of traffic you are getting, and how your visitors are behaving inside your website.


To add Google Analytics to a site using Google Tag Manager and verify that it is working properly. 

Ideal Outcome

Google Analytics is properly added without any technical issues.

Pre-requisites or requirements

You can only do this once you have installed Google Tag Manager on your site. If you haven’t added Google Tag Manager to your site, you can check out our Google Tag Manager Installation Class. 

Where, When, Who?

Where this is done: In Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. When this is done: Only once—the first time you install Google Analytics. Who does this: The person responsible for website management, or analytics.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Class Update: Google Analytics 4 
  • 2 Create and set up a Google Analytics Account 
  • 3 Set up Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager 
  • 4 Verify your setup inside Google Analytics 
  • 5 Adding your first views 
  • 6 Adding Google Analytics to a site (using GTM) Quiz