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How to Launch a Lead Generation Campaign with Facebook Lead Ads


How to Launch a Lead Generation Campaign with Facebook Lead Ads

Having a scalable, easy to set up, and maintain, lead generation campaign could make or break your business. 


To launch a Facebook Lead Ads campaign and integrate it with your email service provider (Ex: MailChimp, Constant Contact…).

Ideal Outcome

Your Facebook Lead Ads campaign is collecting leads for you on autopilot and those leads are being nurtured by your email marketing workflows. 

Prerequisites or requirements

● You need a Facebook Ads Account and a Business Page. 

● This Lesson covers a detailed process to integrate Facebook Lead Ads with MailChimp, this lesson of the class assumes you already have a MailChimp account. If you are using any other ESP that integrates with Zapier the process could vary slightly. You can find a list of tools that integrate with Zapier, here. 

Where, When, Who?

Where this is done: In Meta Business Suite, Facebook Ads Manager, and your current ESP provider. When this is done: Every time you want to launch a new Facebook Lead Ad campaign. Who does this: The person responsible for Advertising or Email Marketing.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Setting Up Your Campaign
  • 2 Setting Up Your Ad Set
  • 3 Setting up your Budget, Schedule, Optimization & Delivery
  • 4 Setting Up Ads
  • 5 Activate Your FBI Lead Generation Campaign
  • 6 Exporting Your Leads From Facebook Lead Ads
  • 7 Lead Generation Quiz