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How to Plan your Facebook Ads Campaign


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How to Plan your Facebook Ads Campaign

Making changes on your Google Drawings template is much easier than doing them once they are already live on Ads Manager, besides that you get a clear picture of what’s overlapping and what’s missing.

  1. Goal:
    To get a clear, visual, high-level document that everyone will understand, and that illustrates how your Facebook Ads and funnel are structured. 
  2. Ideal Outcome:
    You have a simple diagram that you can use to plan your campaigns before launching them. 
  3. Prerequisites or Requirements:
    You need to have a clear idea regarding how your funnel works and its different stages and a Google account.
  4. Where, When, Who:
    Where is this done: In Google Drawings. When this is done: Every time you’re starting a large Facebook Ads campaign. Who does this: The person responsible for Facebook Ads.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Planning your Ads 
  • 2 Design your current funnel 
  • 3 Environment setup
  • 4 Plan your Facebook Ad Quiz