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How to select your Facebook Ads targeting

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How to select your Facebook Ads targeting

Why this is important? Your Ad Set’s audience can make or break your campaign.

  1. Goal:
    To select the right audience to use on your Facebook Ads’ Ad Sets.
  2. Ideal Outcome:
    You’ve selected a solid targeting option for your Ad based on data that is available to you and that takes into account the other audiences you are targeting across your account. 
  3. Prerequisites or Requirements:
    You need to have a Facebook Ads account, if you don’t have one yet. Depending on the audience you use you might need to have the Facebook Pixel running on your website and your conversions set up. 
  4. Where, When, Who?
    Where this is done: On Facebook Ads Manager. When this is done: Every time you are creating a new Ad Set. Who does this: The person responsible for FB advertising.

Important Notice


Solid Foundation

This lesson will give you a solid foundation for you to start launching new ads, but it does not replace or should not override decisions that were made based on the data and learnings you acquire by managing your accounts on a daily basis. 


Understanding Audience

You should be constantly looking at your results in order to understand the audiences that perform the best for you.



This lesson is most useful when starting the account from scratch, or scaling/diversifying your ad account.

Before you start

Understand the 3 major targeting options: 

Core audiences

If you want to target a group of people that most likely haven’t heard of your business yet. 

Location - Target people based on locations 

Demographics - Target people based on their demographics 

Interests - Target people based on what they’re more likely interested in

Behavior - People based on their overall online behaviors (not related to the behavior on your site) 

Connection - Target people with certain relationships with your pages

Custom audiences

If you want to target a group of people that already know you. 

Contact Lists - Target people that match your customer contact list. (Phone numbers or email addresses) 

App Users - Target people who use your App. 

Site Visitors - Target people that have already visited your website. 

Engagement on Facebook - Target people that engaged with your content on Facebook.

Lookalike audiences

If you want to target a group of people that most likely haven’t been to your business yet, but share very similar characteristics with your customer audience or a segment of your audience (e.g. customers).

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Facebook Ad Target Quiz
  • 2 Defining your audience
  • 3 Use targeting layers
  • 4 Checking for audience overlap