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How to Structure Your Facebook Ads Account


How to Structure Your Facebook Ads Account

To scale and optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns you need to have a proper structure in place. If your account is disorganized, reporting and optimizing it will be a challenge, your teammates will not understand it and your campaign’s performance will suffer.


To design a complete blueprint of what your Facebook Ad Account will look like.

Ideal Outcome

You have a blueprint ready to implement on Facebook Ads Manager.

Prerequisites or Requirements

If you haven’t set up your first campaign in that account yet, you should already have identified which business goals you want to achieve with Facebook Ads, which campaign objectives are suitable for you, and have a general idea of the audiences you’ll be targeting and which ads you’ll be showing them.

Where, When, Who?

Where this is done: A piece of paper is fine. But we have provided you with both a visual template if you want to impress your clients or teammates, or a spreadsheet so you can update it in the future. When this is done: Every time you’re starting a new Facebook Ads campaign. Or periodically (every 3 months) to make sure you’re following the structure. Who does this: The person responsible for CRO or Paid Advertising.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Environment Setup
  • 2 Design Your Structure
  • 3 How to Structure Your Facebook Ads Account Quiz