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About Us

We at Driggs Title are all about finding the right question to ask to get the desired outcome that its employees, clients and everyone involved in the closing transaction are seeking.

Our core values are:

  • All Heart All the Time
  • Always Looking for a Road to Yes
  • Innovation – Inside and Outside the Box
  • Doing the Unthinkable, Unimaginable

Our Purpose is “Selflessly improving life for everyone we come in contact with”.

Our Brand Promise is “continual transactional innovations, marketing expertise and tools that provide massive exposure and value to clients and prospects.”

Communication, Speed & Innovation:

Tools, Innovation, Access, Speed, Discovery and everything else you can imagine to find the next best solution to services your needs.

  • 01Speed: Tesla’s with integrated commission check printers

    Driggs Title has a fleet of 11 custom Tesla’s that are connected to its Powerful Escrow System that allows them to print real estate agent commission checks within seconds of recording. This allows Driggs Title to pay Realtors faster than any other title company.

  • "Celebrating the Closing” with you and your clients is a top priority at Driggs Title Agency. Our unique closing experience has created such value that more and more agents are coming to the signings. Contact us today for a sneak peak into what feeling like a VIP is like for you and your clients.

  • Our business in about relationships and people. Driggs Title has created technology to enhance the relationship and communication channels with everyone involved in the transaction. You have easy access to the information you need before, during and after the transaction.


Captured Agent Reviews at Closing & Premium Google Rankings

Driggs Title Agency captures reviews from buyers and sellers at closing as a neutral third party for real estate agents and lenders.

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Reviews Captured at Closing

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We’ve built the team to help you create your next best move. Our team consist of individuals wired for technology and process improvements, licensed real estate attorney’s, escrow administration steeped in industry knowledge and sales professionals that are always on the hunt for finding the next best tool to help you succeed.

Adam Driggs

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Jensen

Chief Financial Officer

Kyle Wallace

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Orgill

Chief Technology Officer


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